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Object description Would you like to have a unique Elbinger jewel? The property offered here has a moving history. The historic building is located in a city park. Once known as Gasthaus Vogelsang, it is now operated under the name "Jagdgasthaus". It has been destroyed and rebuilt many times and still preserves the unique character of an Elbinger country house. War and fires, it has survived for 200 years and was one of the few restaurants in the 1970s and 80s, where one could enjoy with the family and friends good food and musical entertainment. It was built in the Vogelsang Park in 1811 and served as a restaurant from the beginning. At the German time a tram line led almost to the restaurant. Even today, the house is managed with restaurant and guest rooms. The house is one-storey built with usable attic. The main entrance is on the north side. On the east side there is a terrace on a high pedestal over the whole length of the house. On the west side is a one-storey modern house with a steep roof and basement. The new owner can change and expand the premises, for example, other guest rooms. Also the property around it is developable. The Elbinger would certainly look forward to experiencing a new gastronomy here. The Vogelsang-Stadtpark, today the Fasanerie-Stadtpark (Bażantarnia), was also built in 1811 on the edge of the Elbinger heights and taken over 1882 by the city Elbing. Step by step, it has been extended and equipped with points of interest and interesting sights. There are different walks, which partly lead over bridges. The entire complex is located in a popular recreation area for the city dwellers and is about 5 km from the city center, but it is also a venue for events such as concerts, dance parties, fun and festivities. Price: 1.680.000 PLN (about 400.000 €) Price / m²: 1.702 PLN (approx. 405 € / m²) House surface: 987 m² Useful area: 672,6 m² Number of rooms: 14 Property size: 2.994 m² Year of construction: 1880 Buyerprovision: 4,165% incl. VAT
400.000,- 14 rooms 987  m² 2.994 m²

Forest restaurant.

in Elbląg.

No. 024-41