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Farm for ridesport friends.

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Contact: contact person: Mr. Höhne phone: 0171-7 01 15 06 e-mail: potrimpus@ostpreussen.net
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Object description Attention! The property belongs to a GmbH. It is the owner of this property in Widrinnen/Wiudryny as well as a house on a large property with access to the lake in Burschewen near Sensburg, about 3 km air line away (ref 021 -09). The property is surrounded by fields and meadows and is situated in the quiet surroundings of the natural park of Lake Legien and the lakes of Sensburg/Mragowo, 8 km from the famous sanctuary of Heiligelinde/Święta Lipka and 1.6 km (Air line) from the Widrinner Lake/Jezioro Widryńskie. The area consists of five properties with a total area of 23.11 ha (3.82 ha + 2.87 ha + 9.64 ha + 1.94 ha + 4.84 ha). The main areas are the Polish agricultural grade IIIa, IVa and IVb as well as pastures and a small forest. On the largest plot of 9.64 hectares, there is a farmhouse, a dwelling-house, several stables and sheds, a horse stable (360 sqm, 15 mx 24 m, steel construction, year of construction 2005), a converted barn with four Apartments (two rooms each, small kitchenette and bathroom) as well as a freestanding wooden house. The courtyard is closed. The dwelling house and the converted barn combines a large, covered terrace, which can serve as a winter garden. Under the canopy there is a small bar with fireplace. In the evening it can be used as a recreation room. The house (about 230 m²) is modern and comfortable. All media, including internet, are available. On the ground floor there are three rooms (a large and real bedroom and two living rooms and bedrooms), kitchen with pantry and laundry room as well as bath room. In the attic are two apartments (two rooms each with kitchen and bathroom), which can be used as a guest room. One apartment has a separate entrance, the other can be reached from the main apartment. The house has central heating and is heated with pellets. Additionally there is also a tiled stove, kitchen stove, wood stove. In the freestanding wooden house, which is about 70 square meters large, there is on the ground floor a living room, kitchen and bathroom and in the attic two rooms. Urban water supply and deep water (70 m), percolation pit. Behind the house there is a pond (600 sqm) and orchard with old apple varieties. In addition, there are unfinished foundations on the edge of the property, which can be removed. Price: 600.000 € together with the property in Burszewo (021 – 09) Number of rooms: 16 Ground area: 231.100 m² Buyer provision: 4,165% VAT incl