Farm in the stork village.

in the village Żywkowo, near the Russian border.

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Object description Mazuria is a land of largely untouched nature, endlessly shady forests, small rivers and countless lakes, with fields and meadows and small villages, embedded in gentle hillsides. The calmness and the natural moisture form the ideal habitat for storks. In the Republic of Poland there are today 40,000 storks, and most of the storks are settled in Warmia i Masury. Along the border to the Königsberg region (Kaliningrad), where it is especially traffic-calmed, there is a regular stork line, which, over a length of 150 kilometers, is home to 10 villages called "Village of Storks". This strip is part of Natura-2000, a protected area established by the European Community dedicated to the protection of endangered species of wild flora and fauna and their natural habitats. A particularly high concentration of storks can be found in the village of Schewecken/Żywkowo, 500 meters from the Russian border, where there are just 9 houses along the village road, but up to 150 storks in over 40 nests on roofs, chimneys, masts and tree nests. There are 10 stork nests on some of the farms. On one of the properties, ornithologists have built a viewing platform, from which one can look at some storks in the nest. The village not far from the border crossing Beisleiden/Bezledy is the destination of thousands of visitors every year. In this village is a farm for sale, which has made a good reputation in the area of agro-tourism. It has a main building covered with roof tiles. It houses five guest rooms, each with a bathroom, a large tavern with two open fireplaces, bar and a collection of folk art. In addition, there is a house with a conference room for 60 persons. There is a children's play area, a barbecue area, a camp fire place and a camping site, two covered places where you can grill and a small kiosk with the usable area of 7.64 square meters, where you can sell drinks, sweets and more. A lot of greenery is growing around the house. The whole farm is 3.5 ha, including 0.5 ha farm, 1 ha of mixed forest and 2 ha of agricultural area, on which a 0.35 ha fish pond is built as well as the house of the future owner and small houses for guests can build. The built-up area is 322 m². There is the possibility to rent or buy 2.2 ha of land. Determination For the study of the framework conditions and perspectives of the area management of the municipality Landsberg/Górowo Iławeckie the property is intended for residential buildings, services and tourism. Infrastructure  Water from the commune Water pipe Sewerage Elctricity 220/320 V Gas in bottles access via a fortified road Price: 800.000 PLN = approx. 190.000 € (share 1: 4.2) Usable floor area: 322 m² Rooms: 5 + storage room + conference room Ground area: 35,000 m² Buyer commission: 4,165% VAT incl.