Lake property .

for a large tourist object in the Johannisburger

Heide/ Puszcza Piska.

Object description Seegrundstück.for a large tourist project in the Johannisburger Heide at the Niedersee, near the village Rudczanny The lakebed property is situated in an attractive location in the Johannisburger Heide/ Puszcza Piska at the Niedersee/jez.Nidzkie  in Rudczanny/Ruciane-Nida-, and this place on the river between the Niedersee and the Beldahnsee, which flows into the Spirdingsee/jez.Sniardwy, has been a tourist center of Masuria since ancient times. The large area consists of four connected properties and has a direct access to the Niedersee. The bank line is several hundred meters long. The largest of the grounds is slightly higher than the other three sites, an area of 24.5 ha,  and is intended for single-family and multi-family houses as well as a hotel in the upper quality level with sports, gastronomy and recreation facilities. The regional authorities want to create a real tourist center here. Another hose-like plot with an area of 0.5697 ha is a former railroad entrance. The third, 0.9359 ha of land is designated as green space and intended for gastronomy. The last plot, which is 0.7914 ha, is overgrown and has access to the lake. It is intended for tourist purposes. You can use it for a small jetty and a marina for 37 sailing boats. Infrastructure The property is fully connected to electricity, water and sewer. The access is via a fortified road. Others The ruins of the former chipboard factory are to be demolished on the largest site. The demolition costs 1-2 million PLN. But the rubble can be used for the later construction. On the investment, one can hope for the support of the community, which is looking for new investors. In the coming months, the municipality intends to build a second canal to Lake Guschienen, thereby improving the connection to Beldahnsee/jez. Beldany. Price: 15,000,000 PLN = approx. 3.490.000 € (price 1: 4,3) Total area: 267.970 m² Price per m²: 56 PLN = approx. 13 € Buyer Commission: 4,165% VAT incl.
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