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Place your property trustingly in our hands Unlike private providers, we can present your holiday home extensively and integrate it into our marketing activities. You can place the marketing in our hands and sit back. The local service offices are the first contact to the tenant on the spot and therefore an important starting point for a successful holiday. Here, all relevant concerns during the rental period, including preparation and follow-up, are taken care of, from the key handover to the settlement of the additional costs! The service office is also available for questions or problems. All these services are included for you: Reception services: contact person for the tenants on site Total travel organization including key handover Emergency number for the tenant (outside the opening hours of the service office) Full handling with the tenant (booking, payment, shipping of the travel documents) Organization of caretaker services: maintenance, small repairs, commissioning of craftsmen in consultation with you Organization and control of garden maintenance, cleaning, winter service, security service, waste disposal Handling claims, providing assistance in the event of a legal dispute Processing of complaints Settlement of ancillary costs with tenants Rental income guaranteed! In the first three years of your investment, we grant you a rental guarantee. This amounts to 5% for the first year, 6% for the second year and 7% for the third year of the investment sum! After 3 years of guaranteed rental income and completion of the entire infrastructure of the project one can extend the lease with the management company. Projected rental for a full calendar year: Our professional management team and verified solutions offer attractive rental income up to 10 - 12% of the house value per year (calculated with a minimum rental period of 150 days per year with an average rental price of 80.00 € per day). Price: 95,000 € Useful area: 50 m² Number of rooms: 3 of which 2 are bedrooms Land area: from 400 m² Buyerprovide 4,165% incl. VAT
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The holiday resort in Kashubia Kaszubska Ostoja.